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Concrete Flooring and Polished Concrete
As per recent estimates by UN agencies India is going to construct over 10.2 billion square meters of new building surface in next 10 years. This is a huge area of surface to do with conventional materials like marble, granite, various other stones, mosaic, synthetic tiles etc. Prices of such materials are increasing significantly over time and laying them are time consuming. This is a huge opportunity for technologies, which can be done with speed, economy and sustainable over time. With these mottos in mind we arranged some world-class technologies under one banner for our Indian market. All these technologies are treated as Green Technologies. They finish the surface on concrete itself instead of some man made artificial materials or depleting our natural resources like various stones.

Generally people visualize a commercial floor as a thick concrete slab with lots of reinforcement not loads that the slab will need to resist, not the abrasion that it will see on the surface: but concrete in commercial and industrial applications must support heavy loads and resist surface wear. The installation costs for polished concrete is half to one third the cost of coatings, but that's not where the savings really lie. Polishing concrete improves the overall quality of the floor. The long- term maintenance costs can be astronomical for a commercial floor. Businesses such as manufactures, Warehouses, Wholesale Markets, Shopping Arcades, Shopping Malls, Department Stores, Restaurants, Car dealers use Polished Conrete because coatings and sealers can have issues such as delaminating, staining and wear through. The life of some of these finishes can often be measured in months, resulting in constant up-keep. Polished concrete produces an extremely dense, abrasion resistant surface that will not delaminate.

Reflectance, or the shine of the polished concrete, produces a brilliant surface. Polished floors are more slip resistant than a standard tile floor. A floor polished to 3000 grit is less slippery than a sealed concrete floor.

Polished Concrete is an up and coming process that gives commercial and industrial property owners more for their money. Polished Concrete is abrasion resistant and it's low maintenance cost leads to many years of trouble free service.

For Concrete Polishing and grinding technology we have distributorship arrangement with Substrate Technology Inc., Morris, IL USA (http://substratetechnology.com/ ) We are marketing their technology, machinery and consumables supplies in India.
Substratetechnology Cataloge

Applying Concrete Hardener

During concrete laying when concrete is green we can use regular or Color Concrete Hardeners for extra strong flooring. Concrete Hardener Product Features:
• It reduces rate of abrasion from pedestrian and vehicular traffic
• Available in Range of Colors
• Abrasion Resistance Improvement as compared to control concrete is 150%
• Base Concrete should be > M25 and should be free from Bleed Segregation
• Air content should not be > 3%

Download Color Hardener Chart

Applying Concrete Densifier

EZ Shine from Substrate Technology Inc. USA.

This is a second generation Colodial Silica based product. Application of Nano particles of this product extends life of the floor while allowing it to breathe
Densification is done after concrete is freshly poured, leveled, compacted and cured.
Advantages of Densification:
• Creates a Hard, Durable Floor
• Low Cost and Easy to Maintain
• Considered as a Green Flooring option
• Meets LEED qualifying standards
• Resists penetration of many liquids including oils and many chemicals
• Improved abrasion resistance
• Imparts life time sheen
• Effective consolidation – reduced dusting
• Protects floors during construction
• Aids for curing new concrete
• Maintains breathability of surface

We use following world class Densifier products for our projects:
EZ Shine from Substrate Technology Inc. USA. This is a second generation Colodial Silica based product. Application of Nano particles of this product extends life of the floor while allowing it to breathe.

Download EZ Shine Densifier Brochure
Download EZShine Material Safety Data Sheet