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Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete Floor

Stamped Concrete floor is created by using a super strong concrete mix which is then stamped with specially textured mats to create a surface texture that resembles natural stone, brick, paving and many other finishes. A color hardener of choice is then added to add color to the concrete. Next, the surface is sealed to protect it from the outside elements and keep it in pristine condition for many years to come. Stamped concrete is non-porous, impermeable surface, which means that weeds can't grow through it. Stains such as oil can be easily cleaned off from surface. The colors are 100% UV stable and will not fade away as a result of direct sunlight.

Color Hardener is a blend of cement, finely graded aggregates, plasticizers, polymers, and iron-oxide pigments. When applied to concrete provides coloration to the surface as well as added compressive strength to the surface, making it more abrasive and impact resistant. It is designed to work with imprinting tools to produce clear, sharp impressions that enhance the finished appearance of any new landscape.
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Stamped Concrete Cladding

Stamped Concrete Cladding consists of a selection of stones combined together to form a "cluster'. Each stone is an exact replica from nature and is carefully selected for size, shape, texture and Color giving the finished job a natural stone appearance.

Clusterstone can be applied to most of the surfaces. It is suitable for interior or exterior applications such as houses, commercial facilities, hotels, hospitals, and walls. It is available in a range of Colors to replicate natural stone designs.

This product is designed for DIY and self build customers. This product is cost effective. It takes very little time to install, cheaper than natural stone, less wastage and does not require professional fitter.

Advantages of using Stamped Concrete Cladding

Stamped Concrete Cladding can be fixed on any surface with the Clusterstone Adhesive. Advantages of using such adhesive are:

Matching Color adhesive is available, which blends with the Color of the Stamped Concrete Cladding. It makes the wall look joint-less
• Stamped Concrete Cladding Adhesive ensures bonding of the          Stamped Concrete Cladding with the wall for     lifelong and     adverse weather conditions
• The Stamped Concrete Cladding gets fixed in 15 to 20 seconds     with the adhesive, making   the installation much faster and easier. Full     strength of the bonding is    achieved within 24 hours under dry conditions
• Technical Data for Stamped Concrete Cladding
• Compressive Strength – 4300 PSI
• Total Thickness – varies from 13mm to 100mm
• Fire Rating – Zero Flame Spread, Zero Fuel contributed, Zero Smoke      developed
• Weight – 3-5 kgs/sq.ft
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Water Repellant Plaster (WRP):

This water repellant product once applied can protect the surface for many years. Main advantages of using WRP are:
• It protects the building shell for many years
• Can be of different Colors to suit Color plan of the building
• Can be applied on existing surface
• Minimum 5mm application is necessary
• Relatively cheaper option than many other expensive products
• No special tools or training is necessary for application
• Product can be supplied in ready to use bags
• Just adding water the product will be ready to use  
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Stamped Concrete
Stamped Concrete Cladding

Water Repellant Plaster